Deposit Capital fees are very simple.

If you request a Courtesy Deposit less than one million dollars our fee is 5% (five percent) and if you request a Courtesy Deposit transfer of one million dollars or more our fee is 4% (four percent).

This is the only fee you will be charged for this service. Your fee must be paid into Deposit Capital’s trust account before any deposits are moved. Not until the CD deposits are confirmed received at the financial institution you requested will Deposit Capital be paid from the trust account.

We Find The Lender For Your Project – (formerly our 95% program)

Our We Find The Lender For Your Project program is very simple. We upgrade and repackage your funding proposal to include our Courtesy Deposit product. We then identify 12 banks to submit your revised project funding proposal to.  Next we arrange for a small CD to be purchased at each of the banks to serve as an example courtesy deposit.  When the banker reviews your financing package he/she will see that we have already demonstrated our program by transferring an example Courtesy Deposit into the their bank. We then physically visit each of the 12 banks to explain the process. Once an interested bank is identified you will be contacted.

Example Scenario:

Your proposed loan package is for $500,000 USD.

You submit a brief summary to Deposit Capital and are approved into the program. Our $25k refundable fee is paid and we begin.

First we receive your complete project package (or we help complete it) and upgrade and revise it to include our Courtesy Deposit product. When reviewing your revised loan package we submit to the 12 potential lenders, the banker will read the following:

“If this project is approved we (the borrower) will arrange to have $500,000 USD (or whatever amount you are asking to borrow) Certificates of Deposits purchased at your bank. As a courtesy to you and for your understanding and review, we have already made a small $1,000 CD “Courtesy Deposit” at your institution. The Safe Keeping Receipt is _________________________ and the CD was purchased on ______________. This small Courtesy Deposit example is a demonstration of this special component of this loan package.”

We identify the interested bank(s) and then your dealings are between yourself and the new banker.  Our We Find The Lender For Your Project program has a proven track record through the years and is a great way to speed up your funding. Your borrowing package must be bankable and professionally prepared.

The cost to participate in our We Find the Lending Bank For Your Project program is $25,000, and is refundable if you do not receive any funding offers. Your fees for the courtesy deposits are reduced to 3% as well.   If the first 12 banks banks we identify deny your borrowing request we will prepare and submit documents packages to 12 additional banks at no additional cost.

To participate in our We Find The Lender For Your Project program please visit the Apply Now page or call 713-242-1956 to discuss.

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