You have reached one of the most unique and special websites that can assist you in obtaining your project funding quicker. Helping others achieve their goals with our special product “Courtesy Deposits”, is our only goal. We have provided our Courtesy Deposit product to a very wide range of clientele. From commercial real estate developers, franchise buyers to young startup entrepreneurs our product works for everyone.  Deposit Capital is not a lender. Clients use their own lenders.


As our business name suggests, Deposit Capital is in the business of financial deposits. Specifically we will arrange for the purchase of “Certificates of Deposit” in the amount you request, at any acceptable insured (FDIC, CDIC, privately insured, etc.) financial institution YOU request. International deposits can be arranged under certain specific conditions. 

Our product makes your capital-seeking campaign easier and provides incentive for the lender to fund your project. Attaching our Courtesy Deposit product to your loan package, line of credit request, or business project will make your capital-seeking proposal more appealing to your lender. Additionally, our product may provide the lender with liquidity for your loan and other loans. Your loan, line of credit or borrowing package will stand out with our Courtesy Deposit product attached to it.  

There are a few very important conditions all clients and lenders must agree to regarding our Courtesy Deposit product. First, the deposits cannot be encumbered, pledged, put in jeopardy, used to collateralize your loan, or used to guarantee any loan. Your lender does not have the right of offset against our deposits. No funds can or will be deposited into clients bank account. Only your Banker will have access to the funds used to purchase CDs at the bank. Our conditions are specific and cannot be altered. However, the applications for our product are endless. Explore this entire website for additional materials. Review some examples of our product in use by our customers below.   Broker and reseller inquiries are welcomed.

Examples Of Our Products In Use