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Deposit Capital wants to make sure each and every potential client completely understands the particular details of our We Find the Lender product prior to applying. Please review the following statements below before proceeding to our online application.

1.) I completely understand that the certificates of deposits arranged at my request by Deposit Capital, Inc. can not be encumbered, pledged, put in jeopardy, used to collateralize, ever be at risk or be used to guarantee any loan or project. My lender does not have the right of offset against the Deposit Capital arranged deposits. No funds can or will be deposited into my bank account. Only my Banker will have access to the funds used to purchase the Courtesy Deposit CD’s at the bank.
2.) I understand Deposit Capital, Inc. must approve my project to be eligible for this program. 
3.) I understand if my project is approved I will receive a contract for my review and entrance into the program.
4.) Deposit Capitals intent is to be in and out (finished with lender funding) of each We Find the Lender Project within 60 days.
5.) Fees Client pays to enter the program are refundable.

We identify the interested bank(s) and then your dealings are between yourself and the new banker. Our We Find The Lender For Your Project program has a proven track record through the years and is a great way to speed up your funding.

The cost to participate in our We Find the Lending Bank For Your Project program, if approved is $25,000, and is refundable if you do not receive any funding offers. Your fees for the courtesy deposits are reduced to 3% as well.

Enter your details below as well as the dollar amount you are requesting for your project. After submitting the below form you will be contacted by Deposit Capital personnel.

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