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The Deposit Capital “We Find the Lender Program” (WFLP) is designed for those who are very busy running their company or may not have time or the discipline necessary to find and convince a lender this is a good program and “courtesy deposits” are good for their bank. Additionally this program is very good for those who do not have a strong banking relationship, as Deposit Capital will build the new banking relationship for you with this program. Finally, once your deal is approved to enter the program, the fee paid to participate in the program is refundable in the event no suitable funding offers are brought to the table.

To qualify for the program there are three main questions to answer. They are:

  • What is the collateral going to be?
  • What dollar amount are you looking to borrow?
  • What kind of experience do the principals have in this type of project?

These questions can be discussed over the phone (call 713-242-1956) for an immediate approval into the program. Once approved an Agreement is generated and the process can begin.  Deposit Capital intent is to be in and out (finished with lender funding) of each We Find the Lender Program project within 90 days.

We identify the interested bank(s) and then your dealings are between yourself and the new banker(s). Our We Find The Lender Program has a proven track record through the years and is a great way to speed up your funding.

The cost to participate in our We Find the Lender Program, if approved is $25,000, and is refundable if you do not receive any funding offers. Your fees for the courtesy deposits are reduced to 3% as well.

Enter your details below as well as the dollar amount you are requesting for your project. After submitting the below form you will be contacted by Deposit Capital personnel.

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